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  • If I'm unsure of the facial I booked, can I change it the day of my appointment?
    Yes. A consultation will be done before each facial so adjustments can be made.
  • If I miss my appointment can my deposit be used in the future?
    Only if it is used within one week, after your initial appointment date.
  • Is it okay to get brow tinting and a facial in the same day?
    Yes, brow tinting will be performed when the facial is completed.
  • What is an extraction?
    An extraction is included with every facial and is the process of clearing clogged or compacted pores.
  • What steps are needed to become an eyebrow specialist?
    Register for our class, The Brow Experience here.
  • I've never waxed or threaded my eyebrows before, what's the best option for a first timer?
    Threading and waxing are both great choices. However threading, is less abrasive on the skin and great for someone with sensitive skin or using retinoids. The outcome is always clean and precise. Waxing pulls all the hair out from the root and also gives you a clean outcome. However if you have sensitive skin or using any products that can thin your skin. I do not advise this option.
  • Is it smart to get wax and a facial in the same day?
    We would not advise getting a wax and a facial in the same day. However, threading is a great alternative.
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